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Leveraging the expanding prospects of microbiome research, we have integrated a robust computational pipeline "MetaRich" into a user-friendly cloud-based platform for comprehensive analyses of any microbiome data.

After rigorous testing & validation of several leading microbiome analysis pipelines, tools & databases, we have compiled “MetaRich” to analyze both 16s rDNA & shotgun metagenomes, duly supplemented by our in-house computational tools. MetaRich will assist both researchers & industry personnel who are in pursuit of discovering biological insights within complex microbial systems & will ease the arduous task of large-scale microbiome data analysis.




  • Quality Reports
  • For Individual Samples
    • Raw Abundance Data
    • % Normalized Abundance Data
    • From Kingdom through Species
    • % Normalized Abundance Bar Plots
    • Pie Charts
    • From Phylum through Species
    • AMR Prediction


  •    $5 per Sample



  • Quality Reports
  • For Individual Samples
    • Abundance data - Raw & % Normalized
    • Abundance Bar plots - Raw & % Normalized
    • Pie charts - Kingdom through Phylum
    • Alpha diversity Plots & index value table
    • AMR Prediction
  • Comparative Analyses
    • Differential abundance data (across groups)
    • Abundance Bar plots Raw & % Normalized
    • Alpha diversity Plots & index value table
    • Beta diversity Plots & index value table
    • PCoA analysis & plot
    • Correlation analysis & plot
    • Heatmaps


  •    $9 per Sample



  • Train your data with a diverse
    set of microbiome data


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Why Leucine Rich Bio

  • South Asia's first microbiome-based genomics focused company.
  • Recipient of the 2016 Frost & Sullivan - India Award for "Enabling Technology in the Cloud-enabled Genomics Industry, APAC”.
  • Recipient of the 2019 Frost & Sullivan - India Award "Best Practices Award - Microbiome Diagnostic Technology Innovation”.
  • Recipient of the 2019 SuperStartUp Asia Award.
  • >12000 microbiome samples computing to >100 Terabytes of data already analyzed.
  • Trusted partner for clients from more than 10 countries across the globe.